Using “Imagination-Fueled”​ Creativity to come up with Game-Changing “Ah-Ha’s in “Oh-No” economic times.

With your imagination, you can change the world “ — Steve Jobs

Against the grain. Companies that invest in imagination and innovation do better in downturns.

”Imagination is one of the least understood but most crucial ingredients of business success. It’s what makes the difference between an incremental change and the kinds of pivots and paradigm shifts that are essential to success & especially during a crisis.” — Reeves and Fuller

Game Changers

Creative frameworks or methodologies.

Imagination-Fueled Creativity, not just creativity.

“Imagination is the ability to step outside of your current space or viewpoint to bring to mind things that aren’t present to our senses.” and, “creativity is simply applied imagination that creates value.— Sir Ken Robinson

Elon Musk and the importance of imagination.

Conditions for the imagination to thrive.

“If you want a creative culture, you need to actively look at what barriers you are putting up — consciously or otherwise — and remove them, alongside proactively encouraging the creative process.” — Sir Ken Robinson

Environmental conditions for Imagination-Fueled Creativity.

Psychological conditions for Imagination-Fueled Creativity.

Embrace diverse experiences. They are fuel for the imagination.

“Originality depends on new and striking combinations of ideas.” — Rosamund Harding

Not only is “now” the time to double down on creativity and Imagination-Fueled Creativity. It could also mean the difference between a business’s failure or success.

“If innovation isn’t actively promoted, and if there aren’t any incentives to be more innovative, then people get the message that innovation isn’t a priority and they tend to pull back,” — Sir Ken Robinson

I believe in the power of creativity to change the world.

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